SIKA fruit

Sustainable protection
just like packaged by hand

Sales of organic food have been rising steadily since the turn of the millennium. The current consumer not only pays attention to his diet, but also to his ecological footprint. Sustainable products require correspondingly sustainable packaging.

SIKA fruit is a cartoning machine for closure packaging made of solid and corrugated board. Fruit and vegetables in particular can be packaged safely, conveniently and representatively with it.

  • Seals 80 packages per minute
  • Can be integrated in and offline
  • Compact design
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Storable presets

Operating principle:

  • Filled fruit trays are placed on a conveyor belt
  • Side limits align the trays for further processing
  • While hot melt glue dots are applied to one side of the closure, guide elements place the handles one after the other snugly around the goods to be packaged.
  • The size and number of adhesive dots can be varied and saved in recipes.
  • After gluing, the contact surfaces are joined and pressed together.
  • During removal, the bond is consolidated by a pressure tape.
  • To accommodate the necessary adhesive printing and to protect the fruit, a customizable interchangeable counterpressure bar is integrated.