Consumable materials

Original silcoplan setting pins

All 1.8mm and 3mm stripping pins of silcoplan can be used in pin setting machines of all current manufacturers without any adaptation. In order to be able to use the advantages of our silcoplan pin design also in the dimension of 5mm, only a simple modification is required. A specially shaped press-in plunger is installed in the pin setting machine with little effort. This is available from silcoplan and its use has already proven itself many times over.

The high-quality silcoplan stripping pins guarantee performance and efficiency for conventional and dynamic stripping without bottom tools. Take the strain off your machine with silcoplan brand pins. The patented shape of the press-in foot ensures a stronger hold with significantly less press-in forces.

  • Less wear due to intelligent design
  • Precise processing
  • Can be used in all common pin setting machines
The precision and robustness of our new pin guide sleeves guarantee not only reliable load capacity, but also an above-average service life.